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About us


Who are we

Way Out West is a small family buisness. We moved from Reykjavík to Stykkishólmur with two young children in search of better quality of life. In Stykkishólmur we found that, we love the athmosphere, the small society and how family friendly everything is.
The nature around us is endless. We have so many beautiful places to see and that’s something we want to share with others.
People have found the hidden phenomenon that Snæfellsnes is and we expect that people will travel from around the world to enjoy and experience them.
So we want to be the ones that show them to you.
We focus on guiding small groups so that it will be personal and intimate.
You can find information about our tours on this website but if there is anything else you desire feel free to contact us and we will together build an adventure suited for you.