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Adventure in the mystical Snæfellsnes

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Adventure in the mystical Snæfellsnes

We start our tour from The Harpa Concert hall at 8:15 and then we drive for 1 hour 45 minutes to Hótel Rjúkandi meeting point, there we will go into our customized jeeps for the rest of this amazing tour.


We begin in Stykkishólmur where we go on a 2 hour  Vikingsushi Adventure boat tour with Sæferðir/Seatours.

Where you can taste fresh scallops and sea urchin straight from the sea, Experience countless birds like puffins, cormorants or the white tailed eagle and explore the strongest currents in Iceland or the fantastic basalt rock formations.


Holy Mountain, 73 m with a breathtaking panoramic view across Breiðafjordur Bay. A viewing dial is at the top.

Folklore advises anyone climbing the mountain for the first time to walk straight up without looking back or speaking and three wishes will be granted. The wishes have to be of good intent and the wisher tells no one and faces east when making them.

A small remnant of a wall on the mountain top is dated 1184 and was a part of a nearby monastery built at this time.

Berserkjahraun lava is 3,600-4,000 years old. Its sources are four differently sized scoria craters forming an east-west row from the Ogress Pass (Kerlingarskard) They probably erupted at short intervals the largest one first and the smallest last, almost damming the Lava Bay in the east, where the old main road crosses it.  The lava flows created two lakes on their southern side and added to the serenity and beauty of the landscapes, but also represented a difficult obstacle as the area became inhabited during the Age of Settlement.  In the beginning, people chose to walk or ride along the southern edge of the lava or travel past it by boat until bridle paths were opened.  Nowadays three roads cross it.

There was a part of the German TV show about Nonni and Manni taken up (also in Flatey).

The Viking Saga which happened in this area is depicted in Eyrbyggja Saga.  The story is that two berserks from Sweden, Halli and Leiknir, were killed here and buried by Víga-Styr the Slayer, after the berserks made a bridle path through the rugged lava field on his demand.

Bjarnarhöfn Shark museum

At the museum you can learn about the Greenland shark, its habits, biology and of course taste the shark which is produced on the far

Kerlingarskarð/Ogress pass

Kerlingarskarð/Ogress pass is one of three mountain roads that leads over the Snæfellsnes mountain ridge.
It goes up at 310 m above sea level, there you will see some amazing view over the Breiðafjörður bay and some remains of an old Ogress, the pass is told to be very haunted so stay close to your tour guide.

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